Sunday, June 19, 2011

Families, towns, school and all that other stuff

So, this post is going to be about my future host families, where I will be living, where I will be going to school, and about my Rotary club a bit.
I am going to have three families I think while I am on exchange, but right now I only know the first two.

My first family consists of Jytte (mom), Niels (dad), Ellen (sister), and Chris (brother). Ellen is 15 and Chris is 11. Ellen will be going on an exchange to Alaska in August, so I might be able to meet her for a day or two. I am really excited to finally have a little brother and he seems really fun and it seems like we have a bunch of common interests, so that will be nice. They also have a chocolate labrador named Mille, so that will keep me from missing my own dog, Joey, as much. Both my host parents seem really nice also and I think we will get along well. Jytte works at a bank and Niels is a salesman for agricultural goods of some sort. They live in Morud, which is on the island of Fyn. It is around 8 miles to the third biggest city in Denmark, Odense, 18 miles from my school, and 12 miles to my Rotary club, so overall I think I will be in a good location. My house is very pretty and kind of tucked away in the forest, which will be an interesting change for me with all that peace and quiet. I have been e-mailing and Facebooking my family and so far I think it is going to be a great fit!
From left to right: Ellen, Niels, Chris, and Jytte

My house

Mille, my dog

My second family consists of Tina (mom), Karina (sister), and Benjamin (brother). Karina is 15 also and Benjamin is 13 years old. Karina is also going on an exchange next year to Australia, but she leaves in July, so I won't be able to meet her this time around. I will be staying in Karina's room, so a big THANK YOU to her ahead of time for letting me stay there while she is gone! Again it will be fun having a brother and I am excited to finally gain not just one brother, but two! Tina works as a social worker with the sick and elderly, so maybe I will get the chance to go to her job with her at some point! Their house is also out in the country somewhat, but it is very nice looking and again looks peaceful. They live in Brenderup on Fyn, which is around 3 miles from my Rotary club, 10 miles from my school, and 18 miles from Odense, so again I am in a good location. It also looks somewhat close to the beach, which will be nice except it will be too cold for swimming most of the time! They all seem really nice and again I think we will get along really well!

Benjamin and Karina

I will be attending a traditional Danish gymnasium, which is called Middelfart Gymnasium. Yes, you read that right, the word fart is in the name of my school. It is located in Middelfart and seems like a really good school. Here is the link to my school:
and here is a link to a flash mob they did one time in the cafeteria of my school:
I think this school is going to be a good fit for me and my counselor told me that maybe one or two other exchange students would be going there, so that will be comforting to have someone who is going through the same thing! I have already gotten in contact with one girl through my host sister, Karina, who will be in first year at Middelfart Gymnasium, so who knows we could end up in the same class!
My hosting Rotary club is the Rotary club of Ejby and my counselor is Anders. As I understand it I will be staying with Anders and his wife, Karin, for a few days at the beginning of my stay, so I will get to know them right away! Thank you Rotary club of Ejby for hosting me!!!
I couldn't be happier with my location and families. Everyone just seems so nice and excited to host me, which is a nice feeling!
Farvel for nu!

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