Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lovin' Life!

I feel like I just wrote my last blog post and not much has happened since then, but then I went and looked at the date and it's been almost a month since the last one! The months are truly flying by now and it scares me that it will be over so soon.
So far in the month of March (now it's almost over!) I have been a decent amount of busy, but it's been a pleasant business, not hectic.

I went to my last Gym Party- now all the "lasts" are starting, which is sad, but then I also try to make the best of each last I have! I got ready with Nora and Alicia and we just had an overall nice time. Then Alicia and I headed to Odense because a bunch of exchange students were going to be there to celebrate carnaval, so that was fun even though it was mostly Brazilians and only one other American I think! It was a long, but unforgettable Friday night.

I had my last birthday party- this time with friends and it was very fun and definitely unforgettable. I had a bunch of exchange students and then a few kids from my class, so overall it was a nice mix of cultures and people.

Then on Monday night (well really 2:30 am on Tuesday) I met my class at the train station to go to Dublin Ireland!! Each 2nd year class goes on a trip somewhere relating to 2 subjects we have in school and our 2 subjects were English and Religion. At the airport I had my first Starbucks in almost 8 months and that was nice and tasted like at home, but was definitely not the same price! It cost me around 55 kr, which is over $10 for just a grande mocha. We arrived in Dublin and just walked around a bit and saw the sights. That night we went to temple bar, which was fun but was really crowded!
Now I'll just list what we did since I can't remember what we did on what day:
-Guided tour of Dublin
-More pubs- out with the whole class and teachers one night, which was a bit funny.
-Shopping- So much cheaper than Denmark
-Guinness Storehouse tour
-Dance class for traditional Irish dancing
-Visit to the town Dalkey- a nice town on the water with nice, expensive houses
-St. Patrick's Day- Parade, and out at night. An absolutely crazy day! So many people and green everywhere! I also got to meet up with Cyprien (Katie's friend) who was in Dublin with her mom, so that was nice to see someone from home!

Overall it was a good trip and I bonded with my class more, which is good!

Cyprien and me on St. Patty's Day
My whole class in Dalkey
A happy American

A few of my classmates and me on the Half Penny Bridge

Some of my classmates in Dalkey


St. Patty's Day

Then I came home and was sick with a fever of 102-103 the next 3 days , so I wasn;t at school. Just relaxing and resting at home.
Then we had a presentation in school on Friday related to our trip to Dublin and that went well. I had to make an analysis of and English article, but in Danish, so that took a bit of work.

This past Friday I went to a Nik & Jay concert with Alicia and Mie, because we had all gotten it as a present for Christmas. It was pretty fun and I saw 2 girls from my class there. There were a lot of parents there also, which was kind of weird since Nik and jay are rappers, but they were all having fun.

Then Saturday was my last full day with my host family, so I spent the day packing and then we went to mie's gymnastic performance and then had pizza for dinner and played trinomino as a family, plus one of Mie's friends.
Mie's Gymnastic team

My 2nd family!

All my stuff...

Host mom and host dad

Sunday- I moved all 15 of my different bags and suitcases and what not to my new town of Brenderup. Then I spent the day unpacking and Tina and I took a walk to the store, which is only 10 minutes away. benjamin is in South Africa for the next 2 weeks or so, so it will just be me and Tina for a little while!

Enjoying the sun
The weather here is so nice! and by so nice I mean we have SUN!!! The temperature is only around 53ยบ F, but to me it feels so warm. I spent a day with Alicia, Nora, and Katharina just laying on a bench by the water after school because it was so nice to us! I guess that's what having freezing the temperatures and no sun for a few months does to you!

Overall the past few weeks have been really nice and I am onto the last third of my year. It has just gone so fast and I can't believe and don't want to believe that the end point is in sight and I will have to go back to real life of school and speaking English all the time, so soon.

Farvel for nu,

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