Tuesday, July 10, 2012

All good things come to an end.

Hej alle,
So I am sitting here and it is now technically the morning of my flight. I can't even believe how fast this year has gone. I have experienced so much and learned  a lot about myself, cultures, and so much more. I have done more things than I can imagine in a year, seen more places. This year has been one the the hardest, but also the best year of my life. Denmark has become a second home to me that I know I will be back to visit one day. There is so much I will miss.
I'll miss:
the green landscapes

quiet streets
quaint houses
the exchange students I am so lucky to be friends with
the Danes I can now call my friends
nights out in town
speaking Danish
language school class
bus rides
train rides
the lightness in summer
my freedom here
being asked to say rød grød med fløde
Danish food (frikedella, flæskestej, rugbrød, remoulade, koldskål, and much more)
Danish parties
flags everywhere for celebration
all the cute, little old traditions
Danish music
Dancing around the Christmas tree
the golden fields at spring time
being able to travel across the country in less than 6 hours

going swimming in freezing cold water simply because I don't  know when I'll do it again
ridiculously priced Baresso coffee
french fries in Kvickly with Alicia and Nora
my host families
sitting by the water

being able to call my best friends whenever I wanted because we were all in denmark
quiet walks
forgetting what time it is because it's so light out
having almost no homework
the good summer day weather
the funny old drunk men at the train station
the way everyone knows each other in some way or another or has mutual friends
running into exchange students everywhere I go
going to preschool
getting so excited over a sunny day
2c (my class)
seeing castles
Being an exchange student.

Those are only some of the many things i will miss. My Danish life has been amazing and I am so sad it is coming to an end. So much has changed this year that I can't even begin to wrap my mind around it. In 32.5 hours I should be back in California. That is the weirdest feeling ever and it still doesn't feel real. This year has been more than I ever wanted and I am so thankful for it. Thank you to everyone who helped me through it and who read my blog throughout the year. Thank you to everyone I've met and I will never forget this year and what it's taught me. I got the best life experiences any 16-17 year old could ask for. I traveled to 11 different countries this year, learned a new language, made best friends, made friends from all over the world, gained family, and learned about myself.
Denmark will always have a place in my heart. <3

Tusind tak for alt Danmark! Jeg kommer til at savner dig rigtig meget. Tusind tak til alle mennesker jeg har mødt og har hjulpet mig. Det har være den bedste år i mit liv og jeg kan ikke tænke over hvordan det er færdig. Jeg elsker dig, Danmark og du er altid i mit hjerte.

farvel for nu,

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