Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Concert in Tivoli!


I figured it might just be easier to make a separate blog post about the concert since there is lots to tell! On Monday (9/26) I went to a concert in Tivoli with Alicia (the other Rotary exchange student at my school) and we had some adventures. First of all when we got on the train we kinda forgot that we needed to make sure we got in the right wagon, so we walked back and forth like 3 cars in the train and people kept pointing which way to go, but whenever we got to the spot they pointed to it was some really weird door and was just like the connector for the two trains, so it was a bit sketchy and we had no idea how to get to our car. Even the ticket checker had pointed for us to go this way. It wasn't until we had the ticket checker bring us there that we realized we had been walking through the quiet zone the whole time! Whoops! and let's just say we weren't being as quiet as they wanted, but we didn't know! So then the ticket collector brought us to the post we had been to 3 times and was like "Oh I guess you can't go this way". Alicia and I didn't feel so stupid then that we couldn't figure it out, because there really was no way to get through there! The solution we had to get to our train car was to get off at Odense and run the length of the train to get to our car, but luckily it all worked out and we made it.
We arrived in Copenhagen with no more trouble and then we were waiting for Simran (from India) to arrive when we saw some more exchange students, so we said hi to them and wandered around the station a bit.

We had found a sign that said NFL so of course us Americans had to take a picture!

Then once we found Simran we headed over to Tivoli (a very famous and old amusement park opened around 1843). We squeezed together on a ride that we thought was going to be more intense than it was, so we were freaking out about where to put our bags and such, but once it started it was really calm, so we just laughed the whole way since we had been worried for nothing! We rode a few more rides including this spinning swing that goes 262 ft ( 80 meters) up in  the air. It was pretty cool and we got a great view of Copenhagen from up there!

The really tall swing!

Lily, Simran, Alicia, and me

Then we found more exchange students and were all so excited to see each other. I think there were between 20-30 of us at Tivoli that day. For most of the night it was Alicia, Simran, Lily (from Colorado), and me together. We went on a ride called the Dæmon 4 times because the first time I was nervous and Alicia didn't go, the next time we convinced Alicia, but she was nervous, and than the last two were to get good pictures to buy. It was fun and one of the scarier rides at Tivoli, but it really wasn't that bad.

 Alicia and I refused to go on the ride where it drops you a few hundred feet really fast because we just have the fear that our legs will get cut off and personally I don't like the feeling of my stomach in my throat, so that ride we skipped.
The concert had a bunch of really popular Danish artists. The lineup was: (here's a popular song from each band also
Sak Noel


Rasmus Seebach

Nik & Jay


Alexandra Stan

Kato & Friends


Burhan G

Hampenberg feat. Alexander Brown, Yepha & Stine 

and the last two I don't think i heard and I don't really know who they are, so feel free to listen to them on your own!
You probably don't know most of these bands, but the one you might know is Aqua- "I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world..."- Yeah, ring a bell? Turns out they are Danish, which I didn't really know! Too bad they didn't sing Barbie Girl at the concert.
We got pretty close to the stage, but then it was too crowded, so we wandered around Tivoli for a bit. Then we just sat in the garden at Tivoli and watched the concert from the screen since we were tired and knew we had no chance of getting close to the stage. It was really nice just being there and enjoying the songs, even though we couldn't sing along with most of them.
Then Alicia and I had to go catch the train back. Sounds easy enough right? Well not for us. We felt all smart that we found where the train should be, so we went upstairs to look for food. Then we headed back downstairs to the platform. It was a bit confusing since we had gotten off the train across the street and now we were getting on in the station, but we just hoped we were in the right spot. We then just sat there for about 10 minutes. Then I looked up at the screen and it said a different destination than what we needed, so I asked a woman if we were in the right spot. She said we needed to be 2 platforms over and we only had 2 minutes until the train was supposed to leave (Danish trains are very on time unlike the busses here), so we ran up the stairs and then over to the stairs to bring us to the right platform. We found our train, but then it was so full that we had to just keep running to find a place where we could squeeze in. Finally we found a spot where we could barely fit. Then we had to make our way through lots of people to find our seats. Some nice Danish teenagers had people move for us since we felt bad making everyone stand up (there were people EVERYWHERE- seats, aisles, doorways). Then we found our seats and had to have the 2 people move that were in them since we had them reserved. Then we tried to sleep until we got to Odense.
Alicia spent the night at my house and then we went to school the next morning. I had so little sleep that I wasn't even tired until I got home and then took a long nap and went to bed early!
The concert was really fun and I am glad I went even though train tickets are crazy expensive here!

Farvel for nu,


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