Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Another week gone in the blink of an eye.

So honestly this is probably going to be a sort of short blog post, partially due to the fact that it was almost the same as last week and due to the fact that for some reason I can't really remember what I did all week, but somehow it's gone!

I'm just going to put the highlights in instead of a day to day recap:

Well as I said at the end of my last blog I was cooking for my family. We had macaroni and cheese, a salad, and garlic bread. I think it all turned out pretty well and we didn't mess up any of the conversions for the macaroni and cheese!

Then the rest of the school week was pretty much the same: soccer and school.

Friday I finished school at 11:37 (Yeah, I know a random time), but the bus doesn't come until a few hours later, so Jytte picked me up and I went to her work in Fredericia. I walked around the shopping street there, which was nice, but I resisted buying too many things! Then we just had a nice relaxing night watching 500 Days of Summer. 

Saturday my host parents were cutting wood again for the winter supply of heat, so I just hung out, but later Jytte and I went to a mall in Odense since Odense is so close to Morud (I think 15-20 minutes, so we go there a lot).

Sunday I got to see Linea, who was an exchange student in my district in California last year! It was really nice to see her and we had fun walking around the center of Odense. It was Linea's first time in Odense, so I was her really bad tour guide since I have only been to this area a few times and there were always people to lead me to the right place, but we found our way with a bit of help from her iPhone.
One thing I forgot about Denmark though is that pretty much everything is closed on Sundays, so we couldn't do much shopping, but we did visit Hans Christian Andersen's childhood home, which was incredibly small, so it didn't take long to see, but it was on my list of places to see in Denmark, so that one is checked off!
Then we just sat at a really good coffee shop called Baresso, where the drinks are really good as long as you don't think about the price compared to say Starbucks or Peet's!

Courtyard behind Hans Christian Andersen's home

Some big church (I think) 

That was pretty much the whole last week, but trust me the next 2 posts will be more interesting!!
Farvel for nu,

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