Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Regndråber holde droppe på mit hoved"

Hej alle,
I can't believe I have already been in Denmark almost 1.5 months! It is a crazy and scary thing to think about, because if the next 10 months go like this I will be home before you can say rød grød med fløde (well actually that would take you quite a while to say, but still you get my point).
It has been raining a lot this week, but so far I have been lucky and haven't had to be outside during any of the torrential downpours.
Monday: School as usual. Then I went to my Rotary Meeting. It had been a few weeks since I had last been there, so it was nice to see everyone again. Unfortunately, there was a politician speaking, so I really didn't understand much of the night. But on the bright side, the food was really good! As it always is :)
I also talked with my counselor about my class trip to Dublin, Ireland! He said since it was a school trip I could go, so I am off to Dublin in March I believe and I think it will be a really great trip, especially since I get to go with my whole class! Just imagine: 26 Danes and 1 American, in Dublin, around St. Patrick's day ( I think?), it's gonna be great!

Tuesday: Guess what? I went to school again! It was a good day though because I had Spanish and English. Then I worked on some geography homework for quite some time. The homework takes quite awhile for me since I usually have to go: Danish question, to English question, to English answer, to Danish answer, but it is helping to do some the homework, but still in classes like history and social science I barely attempt to do it.
Soccer that night was fun. The girls on the team were speaking mostly Danish to me, but it was very fast, so I would just say "Hvad?" (what?) and the would all laugh and try and repeat it slower and simpler. Luckily I stopped myself from just saying "ja" to most things people said and it turns out that was a good idea with some of the girls' questions hahah.

Wednesday: I am proud to say I turned in my first FULL Danish assignment today in geography! I answered everything in Danish, so it's probably not even close to being right, but hopefully my teacher (Helle) will see the effort, which I am sure she will since she is really nice and always gives me extensions when I need them! Religion class was canceled, so I sat with some of the other kids from my class and they helped me a bit with the rest of my geography homework! It is so weird here that when a teacher can't come to school the class is just canceled, no substitute, nothing. There is just a lot more freedom at the school. For instance you can sit on the couches outside the classes and no one comes up to you asking why you aren't in class or when I leave school to go to language classes, I don't have to check out with the office or do anything really, except leave.
I had Danish lessons again and luckily Alicia, Paulina (from Chile), and I missed most of the rain on our walk to the Danish school.


My religion teacher was gone again, so we just had a project to work on, which I couldn't do, so it was a nice class for me, plus one of the girls in my class brought in cake. We seem to have a lot of cake in my class, sometimes I really have no idea why, but hey, I'm not complaining! I also got my first Spanish homework assignment back with not TOO many mistakes. I think I did okay considering I had to translate a Danish text to Spanish. 
I then had Danish language classes, which I had been working on the homework for in Religion class   ( a little embarrassing when the other kids look at what I'm doing, since it's like a first grader's homework, but we all just laughed about it.)
Again soccer at night. I feel like I am getting a tad better each week, but no huge improvements yet! 

Friday: Friday was a great day of the week for many reasons! First I had gym in the morning, which was just doing jump rope, then I had English, which is always a nice break for my head, then history (we had cake again), which I worked on my Danish language homework in! 
Then I went home and got ready for the party at the school that night. I went to a pre-party again, but this time at Sofie's (the one I went shopping in Odense with) house. There were 9 of us in total, and 5 of us were in class together. It was good to meet 4 new girls from the school, because now I know just a few more people. It's weird to think that I can count exactly how many people I know at the Gymnasium, because I have never attended a school where I know so few people. The pre-party was really fun and we just had a good time dancing, eating, and getting ready for the long party ahead! 
We then took a short taxi ride to the Gymnasium. There were more than 400 people there I think, so it was quite busy. One of the most shocking things to me is that the students can buy alcohol at the dance. It is just such a weird and different thing to see. The party was pretty fun! I then went home and slept!

Saturday: I just had a nice relaxing day. I went to the library in the morning with my host mom to get some more children's books in Danish. I then worked on some English and math homework. The math is still somewhat of a challenge when I can't understand the explanation, but I do the problems I already know how to do (not many!). I also went grocery shopping with my host mom for the "American" dinner I am making for them on Sunday. 
Then Chris was at a friend's house, so Jytte and I just watched She's the Man and another one that I fell asleep during. I just get so tired here, so easily, but I guess that's what hearing another language all day does to me!

Sunday: Today I had my first soccer game! I played for about 20 minutes and while I didn't do great, I don't think I did anything too terrible in the game and overall it was fun! We won 3-2, but it was definitely a nail-bighter game!
Tonight I am cooking macaroni and cheese for my family, so let's hope it all turns out okay! 
I will update pictures on photobucket soon, I promise!
Farvel for nu!

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