Friday, August 19, 2011

The beginning with my first host family!

On Thursday I spent the day packing and then just relaxing until my first host family came to pick me up and bring me to my new home. It was an exciting day finally moving in, seeing my room, and getting to unpack all of my things. That night we had pizza, which I guess is a tradition since Jytte works later on
Thursdays. The rest of the night was just nice and relaxing, watching a movie and finishing unpacking.

On Friday I went to Ikea with Chris and Jytte to get a few things for my room (Ellen's room-Thank you Ellen!!), which was really nice of them. We got a chair for my desk, a lamp, and some other impulse items, just like any Ikea shopping trip. And of course we had to have some soft serve since it is always so cheap at Ikea. After that we went to Bilka, which is similar to Target or Walmart in the sense that it sells everything, food, clothes, electronics, and so much more. Here I got my new Danish phone, which was a really good price (and for Denmark that's saying something!).

Chris and I also went on a walk through their property with their dog, Mille. Their land is so beautiful and green and they have quite a few acres. It is very different living out in the country with complete silence all the time, but it is also really nice. By the end of my year it is going to be weird being back in Petaluma with all the sounds of the night since all 3 of my host families live in the country.

It was really nice moving in with them and I think we are going to get along really well!!
Farvel for nu!

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