Thursday, August 4, 2011

Here I go!!!

Here I am, night before departure. Only 14 hours to go until I am on that plant to Amsterdam and then off to Billund, Denmark. It is crazy to think that in around a day I will be starting the adventure I have been waiting for. Everything is packed. Who knew how hard it would be to pack your life away into 2 large suitcases, a duffel, and a backpack? Well pretty hard! I had some last minute adjustments that needed to be made today since the bag was over weight, but that is all fixed and cross your fingers all goes well at the airport! Tomorrow I will put on my Rotary blazer covered in pins and get on that plane at 1:10 pm and probably shed a few tears here and there, but I know I am doing the right thing and that this will be the best year of my life so far!
I had two going away parties this week and they were just a nice close to this summer!
Well I don't want to bore you with a long post and I should be getting to sleep since I won't get much sleep for the next day and a half.
I have waited for this day for so long and now it is only a few hours away from beginning! It really hasn't felt real until tonight that I am going away... for a year, but now it is sinking in and I couldn't be more excited!
Thank you to everyone who has helped me/ put up with me through this long, crazy couple of months, Thank you Rotary for giving me this opportunity and thank you to my parents and sister for supporting me with this decision!
I guess right now I am really only excited to go, not nervous, not scared, slightly sad about leaving, but the excitement definitely beats the itsy bit of sadness of leaving what I have know for 16.5 years. I just can't express how truly grateful and excited (yes, I know I have overused it in this post) I am right now except through exclamation points and the word "excited"!!!!!!!! Well here I go writing too much, so let me just sum up my feelings into a few words:
delighted, enthusiastic, excited, passionate, thrilled, happy and then sad. But clearly I am really only EXCITED!!!!!!!!
Next time I write on here I will be in Denmark! So weird to say.
Well farvel for nu,

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  1. hey hvad der sker? du får bandet at spille og røde tæppe ved ankomsten?

    Glenn og Fran;)