Friday, August 19, 2011

The first 2 days in my new life- Rotary, CPR, host families, and flowers.

For the first 5 days of my exchange I lived with Karin and Anders Schebye. It was a nice house in a town called Nørre Aaby, which is a nice small town. They have a dog named Childe who was nice to have around.
My second day in Denmark we were going to go sailing on Karin and Anders' sailboat, but once we got to the marina it was too windy. Instead we decided to take a trip to Bogense in the northern part of Fyn (the island where I live). There was a flower  festival that weekend, so we spent the day walking around, looking at the different displays and going in a few stores. We had a traditional Danish lunch of smørrebrød, which are open face sandwiches on rye bread. The bread is taking some getting used to, but I'm actually starting to enjoy it. After looking at the many flower displays we headed to their friends' summer house. It had a beautiful view right onto the water. There we had cake since it was Karin's birthday and they all drank lots of coffee. Karin, her friend, and I went on a short walk along the beach and I was just thinking the whole time "Wow, I am in Denmark." We had some pork and potatoes for dinner (another traditional Danish meal) and finally ended the night with more coffee. Again I was tired as I was still trying to get over the jet lag and when we got home at 10:30 I went straight to bed and slept very soundly.
On Monday Anders and I went to another town to try and get my CPR number (a Danish number used for everything), but for some reason I still don't understand we couldn't get it yet, so now I am just waiting for the notice in the mail that I can go register. After that we stopped by my first host family since the town we were in before was very close to Morud. It was so nice finally meeting them. Ellen was in the process of packing, so we only stayed a short while, but it was still nice to see them and where I would be living the next few months. I also tried some traditionally birthday cake that is only on Fyn. It was good, but very sweet.
That night was my first Rotary meeting. I was not sure what to expect my club to be like, but it is very different than my one back home. This club has only men in it, so I feel a little out numbered ;). I introduced myself in Danish and then they went over their usual topics and then we had dinner. I also met my first host dad, Niels, for the first time.
It was a nice night and I enjoyed meeting my Rotary club although I could understand next to nothing. My first 2 days were very busy, but I was just about over jet lag by the end of them :)
Here is the link to where I will be uploading most of my photos for all to see, since it would take up too much space on a blog post!
Farvel for nu,

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