Saturday, August 27, 2011

The wonderful life

Well here goes my first weekly update; hopefully by making myself do these once a week I can stay on top of my blogs and keep this updated and maybe even keep the blog posts short ; )
Saturday and Sunday were just nice, relaxing days since my host parents were cutting down trees in the forest, since that is how they heat the house in Winter. I'm sure you'll enjoy that, Dad. My host brother and I walked out to see them and went around a bit on their ATV. We watched a few movies and just overall had a calm weekend.

Monday was back to school and the classes were long since I only had classes in Danish that day, but it was still alright and I tried to translate as much as possible. Then I went to play soccer-golf with my host mom and brother. It was really fun and completely different than anything we have at home. It's like miniature golf, but bigger if that makes any sense. There are different obstacles and you kick a soccer ball through the obstacles to get to the hole. That probably made no sense, but trust me it was fun!

Tuesday I had school again; a bit more fun since I had English class, but the girls in my class are all really nice and help explain things to me! :)
I also started my first day of soccer practice on Tuesday. It is my host sister, Ellen's, soccer team and the girls were nice and helped me figure out what to do. I haven't played soccer in maybe 7 or even 8 years, so it was a bit challenging, but I think it will be fun and a good way for me to meet a few more people living in my area, plus keep those exchange student pounds off ;).
Wednesday was another long day at school with only hard classes in Danish, but again the girls tried to explain as much as they could to me and the teachers had some other things for the other exchange student, Paulina from Chile, and me to do.
Thursday is always a long day at school for me (I get out at 3:22 and the rest of the days either at 1:30ish or 2:30ish), but it was still a good day considering I didn't have any English classes. In my social science class we were in groups and then had to give presentations to the class about our topic. Ours had something to do with political parties. My group came up with the opening sentence for me to say and they helped practice it many times to make sure I could say all the words. I said it in front of my whole class and they were all really nice about it and clapped for me even though it was just the start of our presentation, they also said they had all understood what I said, which is a bonus :)

The focused look of reading Danish.

Later that night my host mom, Jytte, and I went to the town hall of sorts to help make sunflower arrangements for the upcoming sunflower party the town is having. We had some confusion trying to find the right vases, but in the end it all turned out very nice.
Friday was a nice short day at school for me and the classes were fairly easy since I had gym class, English, and history (which I can't understand YET). Then I went home and got ready for the 18th birthday of one of the girls in my class, Rikke. Another girl in my class, Cecilie, was really nice and invited me and the Chilean exchange student to her house for dinner before the party. It was really nice going to her house and some other girls from my class were there, so I got to know them better! We then went off to the party. There were about 100 people there and it was just a really nice, long, fun night!

Some of the girls from my class at Cecilie's house. 

Today (Saturday) I went to Odense with Jytte and we did a little shopping at the mall, but I didn't buy very much since I am saving up for the shopping in Ã…rhus this week at INTRO CAMP!!! Sunday I am headed off on the train from Odense to Randers and then up to my Rotary intro camp in Bjerringbro. I will be gone all week learning some Danish, meeting all the other exchange students in Denmark, and seeing some sights in the area! Overall I think it will be a great week! Now I just have to finish packing :)
I have now had the 3 week anniversary of being in Denmark and the 2 week anniversary of being with my host family! It already seems like it is going so fast, it's crazy!
Well farvel for nu,

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