Friday, August 19, 2011

My first, but definitely not last trip to Odense and seeing some horses

On Wednesday Karin had to go to work in Odense and invited me to come along and walk around the center, while she worked. I got a map and after asking one woman I made my way into the center of Odense. Odense is the 3rd largest city in Denmark at around 167,615. I wandered around just looking at all the shops and bought a candle simply because it has my name on it and as my family knows it is impossible to find things with "Nina" on them, so whenever I see one I buy it. I walked for quite awhile and took some pictures of things that looked important (other tourists were taking pictures of them also). I think I also made my way to Hans Christian Andersen's house, but it wasn't open yet, so all I have so far are pictures of the outside, but another time! I then went and read on a bench for awhile just taking it all in. Around lunch time I found a hot dog stand and had a Fransk dog, which is the hot dog just stuck in a long roll with this dressing called Remoulade, which is really good. I then eventually made my way back to Karin's office only asking one person for directions the whole way (although I did have an incredible amount of trouble finding her building and the door to actually get into the building), luckily there was no one else around to see my struggles : ).
That was my first day exploring Odense and it was a quite nice one, especially since it barely rained.
After returning from Odense we went to Karin and Anders' son's horse farm where he was currently having a riding camp for kids. Kim and his girlfriend run the riding camp all summer and the kids seemed to be having fun sleeping in the barn on hay! We got a tour around and saw some really nice horses!
That was the end of my first Wednesday in Denmark!
Farvel for nu,

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