Friday, August 19, 2011

Starting School

On Monday I started school at Middelfart Gymnasium. I am in class 2c, which is the second of the 3 years at the school. There are 6 other exchange students at the school; a boy from Brazil, a girl from Germany, a girl from Austria, Alicia from Canada, Agne, the girl from Lithuania, and in my class a girl from Chile named Paulina who has already been here 5 months. The way my class explained what the different letters mean (like 2c) was that a, b, and c are language and more general subject oriented, while the others (x,y, and z) are the kids who sit looking at their calculators all day, but it really just means they have more science classes.
Here was my schedule for the first week just so you can get an idea of all the confusion I had the first day:
My classes are all the one's that say 2c, but I was a tad confused and ended up in a 3c Spanish class, but the rest of the week was great. The schedule changes every week and sometimes classes get canceled, so you can do whatever you want during that time. 
here is what classes I am actually taking:
2c da: Danish- not very easy for me
2c EN- English- a nice break for me ( I think it will be my favorite class)
2c ol: Classics- pretty much ancient Greek things and right now they are reading the Iliad. Another hard class to sit through. 
2c Ng.- nature geography- not too bad, but I still don't understand anything in the class
2c Ma- math- I'm not really sure what we are studying yet, so we will see how this one goes!
2c HI- History- google translate is my best friend in this class- well and the girls that are helping me to understand it a bit more
2c Sa- Social science- pretty much economy and government- another confusing class for me
2c i.d- P.E. which is a fun class since we are doing jump rope right now.
2c SP- Spanish- another nice class for me
I think I also have a religion class next week, which will be a completely different type of class for me.

Most of my classes are pretty hard for me considering they are all in Danish, but I am starting to figure out they are talking about and when I recognize one word during a lecture it makes me feel good! I guess I should explain how the classes work here.
First of all my school is under construction right now, so everything is constantly changing. The classes are in different rooms every day and sometimes you have to switch in the middle of the class. Also, the time you get out of school depends on your schedule for that day, so I can get out as early as 1:35 or as late as 3:22. The classes stay pretty much the same except for language where they are split up a bit more depending on which language you want to take, but all the rest you are with the same kids except for P.E where 2 classes come together. I think this is really nice since I will then be able to become closer with these 26 people instead of having different kids in every class. There are 26 kids in my class: 5 boys and 21 girls. I have been talking with the kids and eating lunch with them. They are helping me understand what is going on in class and helping me with what I need to bring. One girl, Sofie (she was an exchange student in Idaho 2 years ago), helped me a lot the first day when the bus never showed up at the right stop. I think I am going to get along well with this class, plus we have cake every Friday in history! I don't know if the explanation of the school system made any sense, but I hope you got the picture!
Well that is how school is here in Denmark and now I think I understand where to go at least. 
I am planning on doing a blog about the differences between Denmark and California soon and now I am planning on doing weekly blog posts on what has happened to me, but don't count me on that since I have no clue what is coming up!
Farvel for nu,

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