Friday, August 19, 2011

Traveling days.

I know, I know, finally a post. I have been here almost 2 weeks and the time has just flown by. I'm just going to do a quick recap of what has happened in a few separate posts, so as not to bore everyone with a minute by minute recap.
Traveling: On Friday, August 6 I got on the plane from SFO to Amsterdam. I was surprised no one commented on my blazer, but I think all of the people in my terminal (which was of course the very last one at the airport) were Danish or from Amsterdam, so they might not have wanted to use their English. I was in line to get on the plane and all of a sudden I hear something that sounds like a fire alarm, no seems to panicked though and soon enough I am on the plane. Luckily there was only one other person sitting with me and she didn't talk much. We both just watched our movies. I must have watched 4 movies on the 10 hour flight and it seemed like they just kept feeding us over and over again, but I guess it just felt like that because none of it was at my usual eating times.
Then I arrived in Amsterdam at 9:10 on Saturday the 7th. I had a little more trouble finding the customs area and making my way around, but after asking several people I found my way to my terminal (again almost the last one). I definitely got my walking in those two days after continuously walking back and forth trying to figure out which way to go. After about 30 minutes of sitting there I saw 2 exchange students. One I had talked to through facebook before, but the other was a new face. They were both from Illinois I think. Shortly after their arrival more and more exchange students started trickling in. By the end I think there were 9, maybe 10 of us. We all got on the plant that would bring us to Billund, Denmark. I sat next to the boy I had been in touch with that is from Illinois, Matthew.
We arrived in Denmark right on time and it was weird, but we didn't have to answer any questions at customs, we just walked on through. Then we got our bags and it was time to go meet whoever was waiting for us. I walked out and it was easy to find Anders, my counselor, since he had a sign for me. We put my bags in the car. Dad: luckily they all fit easily and no ropes were needed ;)
We started the hour and a half (I think) drive to Nørre Aaby. I was very exhausted at this point as I had been traveling 14 hours, but it was so nice to see the Danish country side.
                              Here's when I first arrived- the moment I recognized Anders:
We arrived at Karin (Anders' wife) and Anders' house and soon after we went to a jazz festival in Middelfart. By this time I was completely exhausted and had trouble keeping my head up as we listened to jazz for a few hours. Below is me with some people that were playing music in Middelfart:
I had my very first Danish meal on Saturday. We had 2 sandwiches, one with smoked salmon and another with curry chicken at a restaurant in Middelfart with Anders' secretary and her husband. Once we went home at 7:30 I went straight to bed and slept for the next 14 hours.
I will do the next few days living with my counselor in the next post.
Farvel for nu,

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