Friday, August 19, 2011

Meeting my families!

On Tuesday, August 10 I met all of my host families. Earlier that day Karin had sent me to the store in Nørre Aaby and after a little bit of getting lost and having trouble finding the right things in the store I finally completed my first Danish grocery store experience.
The rest of the day was spent preparing for my families to come. They all arrived and it was so nice to see them all after communicating with them for so many months. I had already met 2 of my 3 families in Denmark. I had met my 2nd family at the Jazz festival, so that was a nice, unexpected surprise.
We spent the night just talking and drinking coffee and tea and having some more of that delicious Fyn birthday cake. This was also the last time I saw Ellen since she was leaving for Alaska that Thursday. Overall it was a nice, hyggeligt (no direct translation in English, but it really means something along the lines of cozy, nice, and usually there is food) night.
There were also 2 girls there around my age who were the daughters of a man in my Rotary club.
It was a really great night and I realized how great my year is going to be living with these 3 different families.
A little side note: I had found out my 2nd host family 2 days before leaving, so I didn't have much communication, just one e-mail. The family lives in Gamborg, another small town, that is not too far from my school. In the family their is a 17 year old daughter named Mie, who was in Australia last year on a Rotary exchange and who is in first year at the same school as me, a 20 year old brother named Jonas, who was in Australia 4 years ago as a Rotary exchange student and now goes to a technical school, and the mom, Jette, who owns a flower shop, and the dad Brian, who works in his family company.
Here is a picture of all of my families together:
from left to right: Eva (Rotarian's daughter), Rotarian, Ida (Rotarian's daughter), Tina (third host mom), Mie (second host stister), Jonas (second host brother), Karin (counselor's wife), Brian (second host dad), me, Jette (second host mom), Ellen (host sister who is on exchange in Alaska), Niels (first host dad), Chris (first host brother), Jytte (first host mom), and in the front, Anders (counselor).
More posts to come!
Farvel for nu,

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